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Dina Bronson, Brennan Healing Practitioner

About Brennan Healing Science

We are all creatures of energy, of light. We swim in an endless sea of energy. This universal energy field flows around and through us effortlessly and continuously. As our blood flows through our bodies without our direction, so too does this universal energy. But sometimes, we develop blockages, or areas of distortion and stagnation where the energy can no longer flow smoothly. These blockages can lead to disease of the body, mind, or spirit. We may develop a specific physical disease, emotional distress, or feel lost and alone. Or we may find ourselves saying “I just don’t feel like myself anymore.”

Energy healing can address these areas, and provide healing for the whole person, bringing the client renewed vitality, clarity, and balance. By connecting to these stuck places, the client can allow shifts to occur that allow greater health and increase the sense of well-being. By modulating her own energy body, the healer can assess the areas of imbalance, and provide care specific to the client’s needs. These needs can be as diverse as supporting the repair of a torn muscle, to supporting the body during chemotherapy, providing pre-natal care, or simply providing a safe, nurturing place to come back into contact with self. Energy work is nourishment for every level of life. Dinahands@gmail.com

About Brennan Healing Science

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a specialized college for the study of energy healing and personal transformation. Students spend a minimum of 4 years exploring the levels of the human energy field, and coming into deep contact with their true selves.

Mastery of the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology are required, as are many specific healing techniques designed to address the varying needs of clients.

The founder of the school, Barbara Brennan, formerly a NASA physicist, has spent 30 years devoted to the research and exploration of the Human Energy Field. Her unique blend of scientific inquiry with metaphysical studies has evolved into Brennan Healing Science. The work is taught with both compassion and rigorous attention to truth. The school embodies the search for wholeness in life. Experiencing Brennan Healing Science can bring you to doors within yourself you never knew existed….




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