About Carol Kane Neilson

Carol Kane Neilson, CMT, EMT, a 1991 honors graduate from Boulder College of Massage Therapy, has been in full time private practice for 20 years. With her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology as well as massage techniques, she specializes in treatment-based therapeutic massage, pain relief, postural analysis, and neuromuscular therapy with focus on maximizing recovery and performance for the client.

Carol brings years of experience and advanced training to the table, including additional training in sports injury and rehabilitation, as well as in specialized training for breast cancer patients.

Ms. Neilson practices massage in accordance with the code of ethics of the American Massage Therapy Association and good health practices. Consultation with medical doctors, personal trainers, chiropractors and physical therapists is welcomed and encouraged. Check Carol's calendar for availability.

Carol lives with her husband and creatures on a small farm.  Her non-working time is spent retraining racehorses, training dogs, and, with the help of her chickens, gardening.

Most recent educational adventures

  • Advanced Dermatology for the Primary Care Provider, UVM medical school; 3 day seminar on skin disease, treatment and pharmacology.
  • Sports Injuries: PESI Healthcare.
  • Sports Medicine, UVM Medical School: 3 day seminar primarily focused on ACL injury, treatment and rehabilitation, 2009.
  • EMT certification: National Registry of EMTs.
  • Low
  • margin-right:60px; Back Pain, UVM Medical School: 3 day seminar on current low back pain treatment, imaging, diagnostics, and rehabilitation theory.
  • Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Provider, UVM medical school. 3 day seminar on sports injuries including whiplash and concussion, 2008.
  • Massage and cancer care, AMTA national convention, 2010
  • New techniques for the cervical spine, AMTA national convention, 2010


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