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About Our Shamanic Healing and Animal Communication Practice

Lesley Nase

Shamanic Healer
Animal Communicator
Psychic Medium

Shamanism is an ancient healing and teaching technique used all over the world. For the past 30,000 to 40,000 years, shamanic rituals and teachings have been passed on through generations of appointed or chosen tribal members. Many shamans use a drum or rattle to enter into an altered state of consciousness. This is known as a journey into non-ordinary reality. It is from this state of consciousness that shamans use traditional knowledge to achieve personnel and planetary healing.


A few of these techniques that Lesley uses in her work as an animal communicator and shamanic healer are:

  • Energy healing work on the light body
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Removing blocks and obstacles
  • Connecting to loved ones who have passed over
  • Healing the Timelines

"I am passionate about my work with people and animals. I facilitate the healing of their light energy bodies, helping them to gain a grace, balance and deeper perception of living a life of joy.  My methods are transformational. I teach people how to draw strength and compassion from their pain, grief, anger and shame. When we have more of our own vital clear life force, we can envision the life path we are drawn to follow."

Lesley is on the board of Spirit Hollow, a non-profit nature-based organization dedicated to the study of shamanic techniques and practices, spiritual awareness, growth and healing. She also teaches workshops here as well as several other locations in the New England area. The workshops she teaches help people to realign themselves so that they can discover their own passions in this life.






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